Reports and reviews

2018 Edition Declaration of Istanbul
Protecting Donors and Safeguarding Altruism in the United States. The Living Donor Protection Act
The key role of health professionals in preventing and combating transplant-related crimes
Organ Transplant Law: Assessing compatibility with the right to health
Towards Improving the Transfer of Care of Kidney Transplant Recipients
Global Observatory releases report on 2015 transplant activities
Human rights and world culture: The diffusion of legislation against the organ trade
State of Israel Efforts to Counter Trafficking for Organ Removal
The Risk of Discrimination and Stigmatization in Organ Transplantation and Trafficking
Incentives, kidney donation, and the myth of the Iranian waiting list
Organ Donation and Transplantation in Central America
Organ donation in Israel: Achievements and Challenges
The declaration of Istanbul in the Philippines: success with foreigners but a continuing challenge for local transplant tourism.
The Doha Model of Organ Donation and Transplantation: Thinking Beyond Citizenship
The global diffusion of organ transplantation: trends, drivers and policy implications
To be or not to be: An insight into the legality of organ trade in Iran
Surgeons in audience with the Pope launch SOS against organ trafficking
To Achieve National Self-Sufficiency: Recent Progresses in Deceased Donation in Korea
Towards achieving national self-sufficiency in organ donation in India - A call to action
The success of South-eastern Europe Health Network (SEEHN) initiative on improvement of the kidney transplant program – facts about Macedonia
Preliminary Marked Increase in the National Organ Donation Rate in Israel Following Implementation of a New Organ Transplantation Law

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