Newsletter - December 2021

Letter from DICG Co-Chairs

Dear Transplant Community – Greetings on behalf of the DICG,

Last year at this time, as a part of several new initiatives we put out our first DICG newsletter hoping to connect with you and increase awareness of the activities of the DICG. We followed them up with bi-monthly newletters focussing on a wide variety of themes. We hope you found them informative. At the bottom of this newsletter you will find links to previous newsletters. We know we can continue to do more in this effort and will be developing new content in 2022.

2021 was a difficult year. The pandemic impacted transplant programs globally. And while transplant programs were not operating at pre-pandemic levels, the need for lifesaving organ transplant remained. We also saw the continuing challenges of trafficking & unethical transplantation some of it linked to the global migrant crisis and to the financial devastation caused by COVID - 19. We encourage our community to stay vigilant and work together to prevent unethical transplantation.

As always, the DICG remains committed to the transplant community across the globe. We encourage colleagues to reach out if there is any way we can support them in promoting ethical transplantation locally as well as world-wide.

For further information on the DICG & its activities please visit our website


Eric Rondeau & Sanjay Nagral
DICG Co-Chairs

A Year in Review and Looking ahead to 2022

New Endorsing Societies

In 2021, we welcomed new endorsing organizations. Societies that officially endorse the Declaration are urged to uphold the principles of the Declaration in their activities and in the practice of their members. They are further encouraged to strive towards achievement of the proposals suggested in the Declaration. Endorsement not only promotes ethical practice within particular professional societies, it helps to convey the weight of public and professional support for the Declaration, thus encouraging health authorities.

  • Centro Nazionali Trapiati Italy
  • Iraqi Society of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation
  • Instituto Portugês de Sangue e da Transplatção, Portugal
  • China National Organ Donation and Transplantation Committee
  • Mongolia Gender Equity Center

Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group Registry on Trafficking

It has been a more challenging road to get this registry off the ground but we are almost at the finish line! The registry is currently being prepared for ethical review. Once approved, it will officially be launched in 2022.

The registry will investigate the phenomenon of International Travel for Organ Transplantation (ITOT) internationally. Stay tuned for more information in the months to come.

2022 Webinars

There are a handful of important themes that the DICG has been looking closely at behind the scenes. The DICG is planning on hosting webinars on those important topics in 2022.

The first webinar will be entitled "Transplantation in the context of migrants & refugees: challenges & dilemmas." We plan to host this webinar in the first months of 2022. An announcement with the date/time will be sent out shortly.

2022 DICG Council and Executive


  • Sanjay Nagral, India (Exec Co-Chair)
  • Eric Rondeau, France (Exec Co-Chair)
  • Nancy Ascher, USA
  • Toby Coates, Australia
  • Maria Amalia Matamoros, Costa Rica
  • Thomas Müller, Switzerland
  • Alejandro Nino Murcia, Colombia
  • Benita Padilla, Philippines


  • Curie Ahn, Korea
  • Debashish Banerjee, United Kingdom
  • Marcelo Cantarovich, Canada
  • Alex Capron, USA
  • Jagbir Gill, Canada
  • Mehmet Haberal, Turkey
  • Mohamad HanyHafez, Egypt
  • Nadey Hakim, UK
  • Vivek Jha, India
  • Adibul Rizvi, Pakistan
  • Milagros Samaniego Picota, USA
  • Yewondwossen Tadesse Mengistu, Ethiopia
  • Khin Thida Thwin, Myanmar
  • Francis Delmonico, USA (Special Advisor)



The DICG Course on Ethical Issues in Transplantation and The Declaration of Istanbul

In April, 2021 the DICG launched a course on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism. The course was designed to give a complete overview of the DOI. There are three main modules in the curriculum. History of the DOI, 2018 Edition of the DOI and Ethical Issues Related to the DOI. There is also a series of regional updates. The course is free and open to all participants who want to learn about ethics in transplantation, the DOI and the DICG. We plan to update the course with recordings in 2022.

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The newsletter is brought to you on behalf of the executive council of the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group which works to protect and promote the principles enunciated in the Declaration of Istanbul(DOI), a landmark document in the history of global transplantation.


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