The key role of health professionals in preventing and combating transplant-related crimes

Beatriz Domínguez-Gil,Marta López-Fraga, Elmi Muller and John S. Gill

Kidney International (2017) 92, 1299–1302;

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The distinctive feature of transplant-related crimes, compared with other criminal activities, is the necessary involvement of health professionals. This provides an opportunity for practitioners to help prevent and combat these crimes. Health professionals are key in evaluating prospective living donors and recipient pairs. They also care for desperate patients who are vulnerable and at risk for transplant tourism. Moreover, because patients who receive a transplant abroad require long-term specialized care, practitioners must deal with the many challenges of providing care to these patients upon their return home. This article provides guidance to health professionals and policymakers involved in the management of patients who may be considering transplant tourism or patients who have obtained an organ transplant through criminal means.

The report can be downloaded here.

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