To be or not to be: An insight into the legality of organ trade in Iran

Iran to beYour Middle East | October 23, 2014

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Iran is the only country in the world that allows its citizens to trade with organs. While the practice is widely frowned upon, simply banning an open market for organs is not that straight forward, writes Ellie Karoubi.

It is really quite disturbing to see people spray graffiti on the walls of Tehran as a form of advertisement for their organs. They put their blood group in red with a telephone number next to it: “O+ kidney for sale, call for more details…prices negotiable”. Certain websites exist where potential buyers purchase kidneys at the best negotiable price, which starts at roughly £4000. Some even publish related articles on other websites that are meant to advise sellers when to sell their kidneys, ideally at a later date when the prices are likely to go up...


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