New Zealand - Human Tissue Act 2008

Purpose of this Act

The purpose of this Act is to help to ensure that collection or use of human tissue—
(a) occurs only with proper recognition of, and respect for,—
(i) the autonomy and dignity of the individual whose tissue is, before or after his or her death, collected or used; and
(ii) the cultural and spiritual needs, values, and beliefs of the immediate family of that individual; and
(iii) the cultural, ethical, and spiritual implications of the collection or use of human tissue; and
(iv) the public good associated with collection or use of human tissue (whether for health practitioner education, the investigation of offences, research, transplantation or other therapeutic purposes, or for other lawful purposes); and
(b) does not endanger the health and safety of members of the public; and
(c) generally does not involve the requirement or acceptance, or the offering or provision, of financial or other consideration for the tissue.

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