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Organ trafficking in conflict zones

The Declaration of Istanbul website is intended as a source of transparent and reliable information for the public and professionals about organ trafficking and transplant tourism. We strive to avoid promoting news reports that may be better categorised as rumours. 

Numerous reports of organ trafficking in conflict zones circulate online, and range from well researched journalism to urban legends of little credibility. It is extremely difficult to verify some reports, which often lack details, although confidential information provided by  DICG members with experience in some countries and regions can help us to evaluate many.

In this new section of the website, we will post news items relating to organ trafficking in conflict zones. We will do our best to provide only credible reports, but please be advised that some reports may be overly sensationalised, or may conversely underestimate the scale of trafficking occurring in some regions.


Title Created Date
Islamic State reaps profits from organ trafficking 15 December 2014

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