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Only the rich benifit from organ trafficking

Fank Inter Press Service | 30 April 2018
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By Maged Srour

Human Trafficking for Organs: Ending abuse of the Poorest

Organ transplantation is one of the most incredible medical achievements of the past century. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, “human organs for transplants have two sources, deceased donors and living donors; ultimately, human organs can only be derived from a human body, and thus any action in the field of organ transplantation must be carried out in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards”. The reality is that in several countries such as India, Pakistan, Egypt or Mexico, organ trafficking has been peaking in recent years...

NZ covers costs of leave for living donors financial neutrality

NZ financial neutrality New Zealand Ministry of Health | 17 April 2018
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New Zealand covers costs of leave for living donors in the spirit of financial neutrality

Summary of compensation procedure:

You register for compensation with the Ministry of Health while you're being tested to become a donor.

Then you apply for compensation for loss of earnings when you have a date for donation surgery.

Please contact the Ministry as soon as possible if you would like to discuss your options. For further information, call the Ministry of Health: freephone 0800 855 066 or access their website here

Council of Europe’s Committee on Organ Transplantation rejects GKE

CoE rejects GKE RT News | 08 May 2018
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Euro chiefs brand US-backed health program as ‘organ trafficking’

The Council of Europe’s Committee on Organ Transplantation has rejected a US-backed organ-swapping plan as “human organ trafficking” over concerns that donors will be abused. According to the committee, organ-swapping, as proposed by the Global Kidney Exchange (GKE), goes against the fundamental rule of organ donation – that “the human body and its parts shall not give rise to financial gain or comparable advantage.”

Organ Trafficking from Uganda to India via Kenya

Woman on trial for stealing human kidney Daily Monitor | 17 April 2018
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By Juliet Kigongo

Woman on trial for stealing human kidney

A woman has been committed to the High Court for trial on charges of aggravated human trafficking and luring her shop attendant into donating his kidney to her husband. Miria Rwigambwa, a businesswoman in Mbarara District is accused by Brian Arinaitwe of duping and facilitating him to India for removal of his body part. The accused appeared before Nakawa Grade One Magistrate, Noah Sajjabi who committed her to the High Court for trial...

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