Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of organ removal in the osce region: Analysis and findings

The report was authored by human rights attorney, Mr. Milbert Shin with the contribution of Isabella Orfano for the Chapter “Addressing Victims’ Rights and Needs in Practice”.

This report makes exceptional contributions in its analysis of prosecutions, recommendations for advancing victim's rights and criminal law. As some of you may recall, Milbert Shin was invited to the Doha meeting but was unable to attend at that time due to other commitments. He has nonetheless followed the global scene of HTOR closely and has agreed to participate in the XDOT Committee to fill the role of including an expert in human rights law.

Apart from this, I am currently also reviewing the background report on HTOR of the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Trafficking that is anticipated to be presented to the UN General Assembly next month.

It is a true advancement that the volume is being raised so meaningfully on this issue with these international agency reports.

Click HERE to download the report as a pdf


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