‘In India, there is no altruistic kidney giving’

Yogesh Vajpeyi
Last Updated : 24 Sep 2011 01:02:02 PM IST

US investigative journalist Scott Carney has reported from some of the most unlikely corners of the world, including India, which he first visited as a student at Ohio’s Kenyon College. Presently a contributing editor at Wired magazine, his work has appeared in the NPR, CBC, BBC, National Geographic TV and Foreign Policy. Carney talks to Books Editor Yogesh Vajpeyi about his first book, The Red Market, where he goes behind the scenes of the little-known, multi-billion dollar, global underground industry in the buying and selling of organs, bones and live people.  
How would you define the “Red markets”?
 Red markets are what happens when we commercialise the human body. There is a certain hypocrisy with what we are doing. We say we are “donating” body parts like kidneys, not selling them. Red markets are different because transactions never really end. When you buy a body part, you are indebted to an individual who may have literally saved your life.


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